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About Us

Founded in response to the needs of immigrant families in the early part of the twentieth century, Sacred Heart School’s mission, then as now, emphasizes the education of the whole child – mind, heart and spirit.
The school’s commitment to help families achieve a better life for their children through excellence in education, self-discipline, social responsibility and the message of God’s love is not only unchanged, it remains as relevant today as it was a century ago.
We believe that elementary education provides the most effective and positive impact upon a child only when all aspects of the developing child are acknowledged and nurtured: intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, and spiritual.
Therefore, we believe that a Catholic school has both the unique opportunity and the sacred responsibility to educate the whole child - mind, heart, and spirit.
First and foremost, we believe that it is the school's responsibility to create a safe, caring, and inspiring atmosphere for students that is conducive to the achievement of:
- personal success in learning
- the transmission of Christian values
- the formation of individuals who will become competent, caring members of society, and lifelong learners