OlenderFeldman LLP



About Us

One of the first questions we are asked by potential clients deciding between OlenderFeldman and other law firms is what makes our firm different. Our clients are sophisticated consumers of legal services, typically having had prior experience with large law firms that would regard themselves as leaders in the legal industry. Yet they seek a boutique corporate firm, having become disenchanted with their current legal provider.

The difference lies in our approach.

Business-centric focus is our DNA

We blur the lines between legal advisor, business consultant, and member of our clients’ core management team. We become an integral part of the business process of our clients, helping them make decisions every day that are critical to the success of their businesses.

Outcome based Counseling, Not Process Driven Consulting

Our expertise goes well beyond the law, and includes an extensive knowledge of business and how the law interacts with the real world. We possess a deep understanding of the legal system and its application to a wide variety of industries. We then leverage our knowledge to deliver meaningful and practical results to our clients.

Knowledge Transfer Beyond Legal Advice

Our expertise in diverse industries enables us to provide advice and deliver results in a highly efficient manner; yet our approach is always strategic and tailored to the client’s unique needs.